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All submissions will be reviewed for acceptance before they will be added to the Group. Here are some key things that I will be looking for:
  • Originality. I do not want to see a hundred photos that all look the same. Even if there are a lot of pieces done by the same artist, I want to see some variation and flavor.
  • Attractiveness. A couple scribbles with a paint marker won't cut it. Give me layers and texture. Give me something that pleases the eye. Give me a well photographed piece; if the art is fantastic but the photo is shit, I'm sorry but that won't cut it. Show you care about the art.
  • Actual street art. Work sprayed on canvas or drawn up in a sketchbook will no longer be accepted. I want actual graffiti. The only exception to this rule will be stickers but those will be added to my discretion; I would prefer stickers to be actually stuck to things that would transform it from a cute sticker to real street art.
  • Only the best of the best. I don't want every photo you've ever taken of ever spray or paste you've ever done or found in your entire life. I want the best. Hit me with the shots that you think would really make someone interested in the art.

If you submit something and it's rejected, don't take that as a way of me saying I don't want you to be involved. Just submit something else. I will always provide feedback on what I reject, so use that as a tool of improvement. If you're rejected and proceed to get all butthurt, I'll just ignore you in the future.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to let me know. The fastest way to contact me is to Note me, personally.

Now, start submitting.
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Submitted on
July 31, 2012